Visual Aurora Borealis o Northern Lights i VHF Radio Aurora Indicators Última actualització: 15:00 UTC 

Tempesta geomagnètica

 3 ÍNDEX KP   12 ap index

Tranquil, No Tempesta geomagnètica


No Aurora

Indicadors de Radio Aurora

Est. daily  9  ÍNDEX A

Tranquil, No Tempesta geomagnètica


No Radio Aurora

ÍNDEX KP information

The higher the ÍNDEX KP (0-9) the greater the chance of seeing the Aurora Borealis. The three-hourly K index data is collected from ground-based magnetometers at 13 mid-latitude observatories. The scale is non-linear.
The ap index (0-400) is the equivalent three-hourly range or amplitude on a linear scale.

ÍNDEX A information

This ÍNDEX A estimate is the rolling average of the last eight ap indices: the true Ap index is the same average for the UT day. High Kp, ap & Ap indices (caused by strong solar activity) may indicate enhanced VHF radio communication (28-433 MHz) at a range of 1000 miles or more in mid- to high latitudes: the radio-aurora.

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