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Stanley Rapids Radio
Updated: 7/13/2024 3:00 PM

Greetings. I was first licensed in 1968 as WN0UWL and later became WA0UWL. After a long period of inactivity I became N4UCK. When the vanity program began I had always wanted a W call, but could not bear to lose the UCK!

The station has had many iterations over the years, right now its a Kenwood TS-890, Kenwood 2000, a Kenwood TS-940, Kenwood TS-950, Yaesu FTDX101MP and a Collins KWM-2. I have an Alpha 91b amp, a Drake L7, a Mercury Lux, a Collins 30L1 and a Harris Platinium Broadcast Amp for 6 meters. Its getting a little crowded in here. Sometime back I found an unbuilt StationPro II and had a lot of fun building it and wiring it into the station. It's a very neat device, switches between 3 rigs, 3 amplifiers, microphone and speakers follow the radio in use. They haven't been made for a number of years, but someone ought to re-make this device. I have also recently added a Kenwood SM-220 station monitor with the band scope to go with the TS-940. For a long time I have wanted a Kenwood TS-950. I had one back in the early 90's and found one working perfectly.

Antennas are a Mosley PRO67B beam at 75 feet and 80, 160 and 30 meter dipoles. There is a 4 element 6 meter beam above the Mosley and a VHF/UHF Dual band vertical above that.

QSL Direct, all cards responded to, I prefer LOTW for DX for DXCC purposes, but am also on QRZ and eQSL. I can receive cards from the bureau, but do not use the outbound bureau, so if you want my card, please send an SASE. So too with SWL reports, if you want a card, happy to, but send me an SASE.

You can see out the window that I live out in the woods. It's wonderful. It's also great that it is totally quiet of man made noise on the bands. I spent 30 years living in the inner city in Atlanta and was constantly plaged by noise. Here in my woods it is totally quiet.

Click here for the latest solar data.

Here is the Harris 6 meter amplifier

Here is a link to some drone video of working on the tower. Drone Video