Nathaniel Crane


Father: Azariah Crane ....(2 Apr 1651 ~ 5 Nov 1730 ) New Haven, Connecticut, America
Mother: Mary Treat ....(1 May 1652 ~ 12 Nov 1704 ) Milford, New Haven, Connecticut, America

Family 1: Elizabeth "Betsey" Gibson ....(? ~ ) P»

  1. William Crane ....(1716 ~ 1784) S» C»
  2. Noah Crane ....(18 Apr 1719 ~ 8 Jun 1800) West Bloomfield, Essex County, New Jersey, America S» C»
  3. Nathaniel Crane ....(? ~ )
  4. Elizabeth Crane ....(? ~ ) S»
  5. Jane Crane ....(? ~ ) S»
  6. Mehetabel Crane ....(? ~ 1760)
Family 2: Anna Marie Trilley ....(? ~ )

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                                  _Richard Crane _|_______________
                  _Jasper Crane _|
                 |               |                 _______________
                 |               |________________|_______________
 _Azariah Crane _|
|                |                                 _______________
|                |                ________________|_______________
|                |_Alice Leave? _|
|                                |                 _______________
|                                |________________|_______________
|--Nathaniel Crane 
|                                                  _Robert Trott _
|                                 _Richard Treat _|_Honora ? _____
|                 _Robert Treat _|
|                |               |                 _Hugh Gaylord _
|                |               |_Alice Gaylord _|_______________
|_Mary Treat ____|
                 |                                 _______________
                 |                _Edmund Tapp ___|_______________
                 |_Jane Tapp ____|
                                 |                 _______________
                                 |_Anna ? ________|_______________



Nathaniel Crane, an early occupant of this house, was public spirited and
interested in this westerly end of the large township, and particularly
desirous for a more convenient place of public worship than the distant
church at Newark, which was the only one in the entire township up to
1719, when the first church of Orange was organized and known as the
Mountain Society. Nathaniel Crane was an earnest supporter of the new
enterprise and a liberal contributor to the new church building. He died
in 1760. His children were William, Noah, Nathaniel, Elizabeth, Jane and

The preliminary to his will in possession may be of interest to the
present generation.

"In the Name of God, Amen. I, Nathaniel Crane, of Newark, in the County
of Essex and province of New Jersey, Yeoman. Being weak in body, but of
sound mind and memory, thanks be to God, calling to mind the mortality of
my body do think fit to make and publish this my last Will. This Twenty
day of Nov. in the Twenty-seventh year of the Reign of George the Second
King of Great Britain, Anno Domini, One Thousand Seven Hundred and
Fifty-Three. In the following manner and form, that is to say my just
debts and funeral charges being paid, I first give and bequeath unto my
beloved wife Elizabeth, my riding chair (a two-wheeled chaise with
leather top trimmed with green morocco, as I remember it well preserved
in my grandfather's wagon house). My best bed stead, bed with all the
coverings and furnishings belonging to the same and as much of the rest
of my household stuff as she shall see cause to keep for her use and
comfort, as also the great yellow cow and the little red cow." Following
is a further division of his personal property, giving to his son
Nathaniel his best vest with silver buttons. "Item. I give and bequeath
to my beloved son Noah my negro boy named Shem upon condition that he
doth on the account pay unto my three daughters the sum of Thirty-five
Pounds to be equally divided between them. "

Then follows the division of his real estate among his sons. He bequeaths
to his eldest son, William, a tract of land on both sides of Valley Road
north of Clairmont Avenue, where he evidently lived at the time in the
stone house known later as Washington's headquarters in the time of the
Revolutionary War. The old historic house was recently demolished and the
entire farm has been changed to residential plots. It has remained in the
family till recent years. A portion is still held by one of his
descendants, Mr. Alfred J. Crane, now living at Monroe, New York.

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